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US Clinical Trial NCT02953119 – NIH – Oct 18, 2016

Prehabilitation for Elective Major Abdominal Surgery: a Randomised Controlled Trial

Major abdominal surgery is a great stressor to patients and causes large physiological changes, leads to tissue trauma, immobility, psychological distress and reduced quality of life. Physical capacity appears to be an important predictor for postop...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02963961 – NIH – Nov 1, 2016

Cognitive Training for the Prevention of Postoperative Delirium: a Pilot Study

This will be a single-center study conducted at the University of Michigan Health System. Participants will be prospectively enrolled and randomized to the interventional group (cognitive training) or control group (no training). Recruitment will ta...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03861767 – NIH – Jan 21, 2019

Randomized, Embedded, Multifactorial, Adaptive Platform Trial for Optimizing Surgical Outcomes at UPMC

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US Clinical Trial NCT03256201 – NIH – May 26, 2017

Preoperative Exercise and Nutrition to Improve Pancreatic Cancer Outcomes by Targeting Sarcopenia: A Translational Pilot RCT

This initial proof of concept study focuses on maximizing pancreatic cancer survivors' fitness and physical function in a brief period, the 2-3 weeks available prior to surgical resection, using a home-based exercise program with all equipment provi...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03019146 – NIH – Jan 4, 2017

Exploring Time-efficient Strategies to Improve Fitness for Surgery in Older Adults

The percentage of people aged >65 y in the United Kingdom increased from 15% in 1985 to 17% in 2010, an increase of 1.7 million people. One age-associated physiological change is the reduction in vascular function that is observed, both at the le...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03361150 – NIH – Nov 23, 2017

High-Intensity Interval Training Versus Moderate Continuous Training in Multimodal Prehabilitation for Colorectal Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

All patients will receive prehabilitation preoperatively for 4 weeks, that is composed of 3 elements, exercise, nutritional supplements and psychological coping strategies. Both exercise protocol will be supervised, 3-time per week, in-hospital prog...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02531620 – NIH – Aug 19, 2015

Prehabilitation Interventions in Elective Colorectal Resections: A Randomized Pilot Study (Prehab)

Operations on the colon and rectum are major abdominal operations and many individuals can become severely deconditioned or weakened afterwards. For some individuals this can even mean that they can no longer completely return to their usual way of...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03040336 – NIH – Jan 18, 2017

Pilot Testing Prehabilitation Services Aimed at Improving Outcomes of Frail Veterans Following Major Abdominal Surgery

Background: Frail Veterans are at increased risk for poor surgical outcomes. Although surgeons operate safely on even the oldest old, if the elder is also frail, the stress of surgery can result in significant mortality, morbidity, and institutional...
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US Clinical Trial NCT00170235 – NIH – Sep 9, 2005

Reducing Arm Morbidity Through Physical Therapy Provided Pre- and Post-breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer surgery is one of the most frightening health events a woman can experience. Not only is there fear of cancer and mortality, but also fear of disfigurement and disability arising from the surgery and from the subsequent chemotherapy an...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03659123 – NIH – Jun 1, 2018

Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation in Oncogeriatrics: Adaptation to Deconditioning Risk and Accompaniment of Patients' With Cancer, a Multicenter Pilot Study

PROADAPT pilot study is a standardized geriatric intervention constructed on a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary basis after a systematic analysis of published data. This intervention was designed to be implemented pragmatically in the cent...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02636751 – NIH – Dec 14, 2015

Effects of a Tele-prehabilitation Program or an In-person Prehabilitation Program Compared to a Usual Care Control Group in Participants Awaiting Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty: A Pilot Single Blind Randomized Controlled Trial

BACKGROUND Osteoarthritis (OA) is a very common disorder that affects almost every Canadian over 65 years of age. Future estimations indicate the incidence of OA will increase by at least 26% over the next 30 years in Canada. Hip and knee are the m...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03466593 – NIH – Feb 23, 2018

Effekt av Prehabilitering Och Extra Tidig Mobilisering Efter öppen Pankreas Kirurgi

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US Clinical Trial NCT03363009 – NIH – Nov 23, 2017

Contribution of Connected Devices in the Follow-up of the Observance of a Prehabilitation Program

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US Clinical Trial NCT02365194 – NIH – Feb 2, 2015

Modifying Risk in Ventral Hernia Patients

Background: Obesity is a risk factor for ventral hernia complications with or without repair, but the management strategy that best balances overall risks and benefits for obese patients with ventral hernias is unknown. The primary aim of this proj...
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US Clinical Trial NCT00227526 – NIH – Sep 27, 2005

Enhancing Outcomes After Colon Surgery: Role of Prehabilitation Facilitating the Recovery Process.

The surgical process is a major stressor because of the psychological distress, tissue trauma, lack of activity, and quasi-starvation and it produces immediate systemic changes and both short- and long-term effects on activity and quality of life. H...
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US Clinical Trial NCT01924897 – NIH – Aug 14, 2013

An Investigation Into the Role of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and Pre-operative Exercise Training in Patients Undergoing Major Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

The study will be conducted in two parts: Part 1. Study to examine the ability of CPET to predict outcomes in patients undergoing colorectal surgery: Objectives To identify which CPET variables or combination of variables are most useful in the p...
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US Clinical Trial NCT01844934 – NIH – Apr 30, 2013

Impact of Prehabilitation in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Outcomes and Healthcare Service Utilization

Recovery post Total Knee Replacement Surgery ((TKA) has been a subject of interest. In a study of 379 patients who had hip or knee replacement surgery, it was reported that at 6 months post-surgery patients with better baseline function had superior...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03915093 – NIH – Apr 10, 2019

Thoracoscopic Surgery: Effect of Designing and Implementing Educational Nursing Protocol on Patients Quality of Life

The role of thoracic nursing specialty is to support and educate patients, who are suffering from thoracic diseases, to achieve the best outcome in terms of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well beings. The care provided not only focuse...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03758209 – NIH – Nov 27, 2018

Comparison of Preoperative Multimodal Preparation Program (Prehabilitation) With Enhanced Recovery Program for Elective Colorectal Cancer Surgery.

Aim: Colorectal cancer patients with a planned resection are tested if a complex, trimodal rehabilitation program can hold functional and morbidity benefit for them. In the prospective, randomized (1:1) study control patient group will be the well...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03767387 – NIH – Dec 3, 2018

Protocol for Prehabilitation Service Implementation in Catalonia

This is a preventive intervention addressed to high risk candidates for major surgical procedures carried out for a period of approximately four weeks before surgery aiming at reducing complications and enhancing post-surgical recovery. It combines:...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03642093 – NIH – Jun 20, 2018

H.O.P.E. Healing Optimization Through Preoperative Engagement: A Prospective Single Cohort Study to Evaluate the Effect of a Prehabilitation Program on Preoperative Outcomes in Upper GI Surgical Oncology Patients

Cancer patients often develop protein calorie malnutrition, inflammatory states, and loss of lean muscle mass, which can be best categorized as frailty. Frailty affects global health, the ability to carry out normal functions, and even the ability t...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02167191 – NIH – Jun 16, 2014

Determining the Effectiveness of a High Intensity Interval Training Exercise Programme in the Healthy, Elderly Population

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US Clinical Trial NCT03314376 – NIH – Oct 5, 2017

Individualized Prehabilitation Program for Patients on a Waiting List for a Transplant.

Some characteristics of the fragile people, like as sarcopenia, are related with worse results after a transplant. Increasing the cardiorespiratory fitness with an exercise program during the preoperative period has shown improvements in patients af...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03543514 – NIH – Apr 26, 2018


Protocol for colorectal neoplasia patients who need surgery by modifying the current one. Until now, in the preoperative time, the anesthetist evaluated the need for some specific action such as pre-operative iron administration to avoid perioperati...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02949505 – NIH – Oct 25, 2016

Impact of Exercise Therapy on Functional Capacity in Patients Listed for Liver Transplantation

as above
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US Clinical Trial NCT03892187 – NIH – Mar 21, 2019

Older Adult Safety in Surgery (OASIS) - Can a Preoperative Self-Reported Functional Status Information Improve Prediction of Cardiac Mobility Related Complications That Threaten Patient Safety In Older Adult Surgical Patients?

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US Clinical Trial NCT03770117 – NIH – Dec 7, 2018

A Pilot Study of the Effect of Prehabilitation on Markers of Sarcopenia in Patients Undergoing Pancreatoduodenectomy for Malignant Disease

Cachexia is a hallmark feature of pancreatic cancer (1). Patients with features of cachexia have worse clinical outcomes. This includes a reduction in quality of life, reduced tolerance of therapy and a poorer prognosis (2) . Specifically related to...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03502317 – NIH – Mar 25, 2018

Prehabilitation to Improve Cancer Surgery Outcomes (PICaSO): A Randomized Controlled Trial

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US Clinical Trial NCT02940067 – NIH – Oct 15, 2016

A Multimodal Approach to Improve Fitness and Surgical Outcomes for Patients Undergoing Pancreatic Resection

Pancreatic surgery is high risk. The injury associated with surgery causes a stress response, comprising a variety of hormonal and metabolic effects. Patients undergoing pancreatic surgery experience one of the largest stress responses. Prehabilitat...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03498157 – NIH – Feb 21, 2018

IMpact of PRehabilitation in Oncology Via Exercise - Breast Cancer

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US Clinical Trial NCT03682133 – NIH – Jul 24, 2018

Practice Variation in Colon Cancer Surgery Care in Older Patients

Rationale: Prehabilitation has shown promising results in orthopedic, cardiothoracic and abdominal surgery. However, there is still a lack of data supporting cost-effectiveness of prehabilitation in colon cancer surgery in older patients. Therefore...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03475966 – NIH – Feb 28, 2017

Improving Outcomes in Patients With Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancers With a Nutritional and Physical Conditioning Prehabilitation Program

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US Clinical Trial NCT03158402 – NIH – May 16, 2017

High Intensity Preoperative Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMTHi) Effects on the Perioperative Inflammatory Reaction in Cardiac Surgery With an Associated Biocollection.

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US Clinical Trial NCT03595787 – NIH – Jul 11, 2018

COaching and Prehabilitation: Evaluation of an Early Multidisciplinary Approach in Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Treated With Intensive Chemotherapy and Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation

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US Clinical Trial NCT03068507 – NIH – Feb 27, 2017

The Impact of Trimodal Prehabilitation Strategy on Perioperative Functional Capability and Prognosis of Patients Undergoing Thoracoscopic Lobectomy for Lung Cancer:a Randomized Controlled Trail

This is a prospective randomized controlled trail, which focus on the impact of family prehabilitaiton strategy on the patients undertaking thoracoscopic lobectomy for lung cancer. The process of enhancing an individual's functional capacity to opt...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03798951 – NIH – Jan 7, 2019

Evaluation of a Multimodal Program of Prehabilitation in Patients Undergoing Esophagectomy Within an ERAS Pathway

Multi-modal prehabilitation programs reported positive results in patients undergoing colonic resection. These protocols are, generally, based on physiotherapist, nutritional and psychological implementation programs. Nevertheless, the conflicting r...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02538913 – NIH – Aug 26, 2015

Exercise Training for Rectal Cancer Patients. A Randomized Controlled Trial.

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US Clinical Trial NCT03388983 – NIH – Dec 23, 2017

The Effectiveness of Prehabilitation for Patients Undergoing Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is a common spinal disease that leads to pain and disability. LSS is defined as lower extremity and perineal symptoms (e.g. intermittent neurogenic claudication/numbness) that may occur with or without low back pain and...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03584646 – NIH – Feb 1, 2018

Development and Testing of a Prehabilitation Intervention to Maximize Early Recovery (PRIMER) in Liver Transplantation

The investigator will pilot-test a two-arm, randomized trial of a prehabilitation intervention in 38 pre-liver transplant patients with End Stage Liver Disease (ESLD). The investigator estimates an attrition rate of 20%, resulting n=30 participants;...
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US Clinical Trial NCT00124371 – NIH – Jul 25, 2005

Fit For Surgery Study: A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Nurse-Led Programme to Optimise Mental and Physical Fitness for Surgery and Coronary Risk Factor Control in Patients Waiting for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

While waiting for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery many patients receive little if any medical and nursing input, at a time which is very stressful for them and their families. This randomised controlled trial will test whether a home-bas...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02036684 – NIH – Nov 16, 2013

A Multicentre, Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial to Examine the Effects of Prehabilitation on Functional Outcomes After Radical Prostatectomy

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US Clinical Trial NCT02780921 – NIH – Apr 28, 2016

Effect of Prehabilitation in Gastroesophageal Adenocarcinoma: Study Protocol of a Multicentric, Randomised Control Trial

Interventions After the first visit with his surgeon, the patient will be presented at the multidisciplinary tumour board to validate the inclusion criteria and to schedule the number of cycles of pre- and postoperative chemotherapy. After this step...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02950324 – NIH – Oct 13, 2016

Does Prehabilitation Improve Performance in Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and Reduce Insulin Resistance in Patients Undergoing Neo-adjuvant Treatment and Surgery for Oesophago-gastric Cancer?

The trial objectives are as follows: Primary: To evaluate the effect of a prehabilitation programme during neo-adjuvant therapy on CPX performance prior to resection for oesophago-gastric cancer. Secondary: To investigate the impact of neo-adjuvant...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02649348 – NIH – Jan 4, 2016

Effects of Pre-operative Prehabilitation on the Clinical Outcomes of Gastric Cancer Patients With Metabolic Syndrome Who Undergo Laparoscopic Radical Gastrectomies: A Polit Randomized Clinical Trial

To investigate the effects of a pre-operative prehabilitation protocol on clinical outcomes of gastric cancer patients with metabolic syndrome who undergo laparoscopic radical gastrectomies and to determine the underlying mechanisms.
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US Clinical Trial NCT03978325 – NIH – May 17, 2019

Preoperative Exercise to Improve Fitness in Patients Undergoing Complex Surgery for Cancer of the Lung or Oesophagus

Patients with cancer of the lung or oesophagus, undergoing curative treatment, usually require a thoracotomy and a complex oncological resection. These surgeries carry a risk of major morbidity and mortality, and risk assessment, preoperative optimi...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03865875 – NIH – Mar 5, 2019

Pilot Study of a Multimodal Prehabilitation Pancreatic Cancer Program

This research study involves an exercise and nutrition program that will consist of twice weekly exercise sessions and discussion with a nutritionist with possible nutrition supplementation. The names of the study interventions involved in this stu...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03626610 – NIH – Jul 24, 2018

'Pre-EMPT' - An Interventional Study to Assess the Effects of Pre-emptive Exercise , or 'Prehabilitation', in Patients Undergoing Peri-operative Treatment for Adenocarcinoma of the Oesophagus and Gastro-oesophageal Junction

Oesophageal cancer has the fastest rising incidence of any solid tumour in the western world with the UK, and London, having particularly high rates of the disease. Those patients being considered for "cure" will benefit from pre-operative/neo-adju...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03602105 – NIH – Jun 6, 2018

Better Before - Better After: Prehabilitation Program for Older Patients Awaiting Total Hip Replacement. A Randomised Controlled Trial

More than 300.000 Norwegians above 20 years of age have osteoarthritis (OA) . There has been a significant increase in the prevalence of OA over the decades. In the United States knee OA affects 19% of adults aged 45 years or older. OA is associated...
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US Clinical Trial NCT01523353 – NIH – Jan 30, 2012

Feasibility Study of Preoperative Exercise Intervention in the Resection of Colorectal Liver Metastasis.

Prehabilitation in Liver Surgery Introduction Thirty per cent of patients with colorectal cancer have metastatic disease at time of presentation, and a further 20% will develop liver metastases after the primary colorectal malignancy has been resec...
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US Clinical Trial NCT02939729 – NIH – Aug 25, 2016

The Effect of a Physiotherapy Prehabilitation Programme on Postoperative Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Cardiac or Thoracic Surgery

Preoperative rehabilitation or "Prehabilitation" can be defined as "the process of enhancing the functional capacity of the individual to enable him or her to withstand a stressful event". Prehabilitation is a relatively new concept with emerging ev...
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