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US Clinical Trial NCT02346838 – NIH – Jan 7, 2015

The Effect of Prebiotics on Insulin Sensitivity, Metabolic Flexibility, and Cardiovascular Health in Prediabetic Adults.

Prebiotics have been defined as "selectively fermented ingredients that result in specific changes in the composition and/or activity of the gastrointestinal microbiota, thus conferring health benefit(s) upon host health". Commonly used prebiotics a...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03860584 – NIH – Feb 28, 2019

Alleviation Of Metabolic Endotoxemia In Adults With Metabolic Syndrome With Milk Fat Globule Membrane

Background and hypothesis: Our preclinical evidence shows that phospholipid-rich milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced increases in gut permeability and pro-inflammatory cytokines. MFGM also attenuates inflammation...
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US Clinical Trial NCT01176942 – NIH – May 24, 2010

Probiotics and Endotoxemia in Humans

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US Clinical Trial NCT02186080 – NIH – Jul 4, 2014

Evaluation of the Effect of Gemigliptin on Metabolic Endotoxemia and Lipemia Induced by High Fat Diet in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Study subjects will be allocated to either gemigliptin or placebo. After 4 weeks of treatment and 2 weeks of wash out period, all subjects will be switched to the opposite arm. The subjects will be tested oral fat tolerance test and adipose tissue...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03864107 – NIH – Feb 14, 2019

Investigating the Possible Link Between Habitual Diet, Physical Activity, Sleeping Patterns, Obesity Status and Age With Gut Bacterial Composition, Gut Barrier Function, Metabolic Endotoxemia, Systemic Inflammation and Glycaemic Control.

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US Clinical Trial NCT03611140 – NIH – Jul 25, 2018

Effect of a Dietary Portfolio (PD) (Nopal, Chia, Soy, Oat and Inulin) and Physical Activity on Gut Microbiota in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

This study was a single-center, randomized, controlled, double-blind, parallel versus placebo that consisted of five visits. The first visit was a screening evaluation to determine whether subjects met the inclusion criteria. The selected subjects w...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03973996 – NIH – May 30, 2019

Gut-level Antiinflammatory Activities of Green Tea in Metabolic Syndrome

Tea is the most abundantly consumed prepared beverage in the world. Green tea, containing catechins, exerts antiinflammatory activities. However, a fundamental gap exists concerning its intestinal-level targets that can prevent metabolic syndrome (M...
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