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US Clinical Trial NCT03897777 – NIH – Jan 26, 2019

Effects of Exercise on Hypertension and Gut Dysbiosis in African Americans

African Americans (AA) have the greatest burden of hypertension and elucidating the pathogenesis of this racial disparity is important for amending treatment strategies. Gut microbial dysbiosis has been linked to hypertension and has been characteri...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03758144 – NIH – Nov 16, 2018

Rifaximin Improves Insulin Resistance in Metabolic Syndrome and Reduces Insulin Requirement in Type 2 Diabetes

Accumulating evidence had linked metabolic syndrome and diabetes to dysequilibrium in gut microbiota, which are a critical regulator of host metabolism and immune responses. gut microbiota interacts with host signaling pathways, leading to modulatio...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03973996 – NIH – May 30, 2019

Gut-level Antiinflammatory Activities of Green Tea in Metabolic Syndrome

Tea is the most abundantly consumed prepared beverage in the world. Green tea, containing catechins, exerts antiinflammatory activities. However, a fundamental gap exists concerning its intestinal-level targets that can prevent metabolic syndrome (M...
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US Clinical Trial NCT03633188 – NIH – Jul 17, 2018

Stool Biobanking and Impact of Antimicrobials on the Gut Microbiota in Patients With Bone and Joint Infection

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