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Simple Internet Protocol (SIP) Specification  Dec 1, 2018

This document is published for the historical record. The Simple Internet Protocol was the basis for one of the candidates for the IETF's Next Generation (IPng) work that became IPv6.

The publication date of the original Internet-Draft was November 10, 1992. It is presented here substantially unchanged and is neither a complete document nor intended to be implementable.

The paragraph that follows is the Abstract from the original draft.

This document specifies a new version of IP called SIP, the Simple Internet Protocol. It also describes the changes needed to ICMP, IGMP, and transport protocols such as TCP and UDP, in order to work with SIP. A companion document [SIP-ADDR] describes the addressing and routing aspects of SIP, including issues of auto-configuration, host and subnet mobility, and multicast.


IPng IPv6

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