US Clinical Trial NCT03982043

Text2Connect, Component 2 of iCHART (Integrated Care to Help At-Risk Teens)  Jun 7, 2019

Text2Connect (T2C) aims to increase perceived susceptibility/severity of depression/suicidality and decrease stigma in at-risk adolescents and their parents. The investigators hypothesize that modification of patient beliefs leads to change talk, thereby increasing the experience of discrepancy which affects motivation for change. These experiences in turn influence decisional balance away from ambivalence toward readiness for change.

Assignment of Interventions:

This study will utilize a stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial design. This stepped wedge design involves the sequential random rollout of an intervention over 2 time periods. Following a baseline period in which no clusters (= practices) are exposed to the intervention, the crossover is typically in one direction, from control to intervention and continues until both of the clusters have crossed-over to receive the intervention, with observations taken from each cluster and at each time period.

This study will pilot Text2Connect in two community pediatric practices using a stepped wedge design (n = 50 adolescents).

Hypothesis: Readiness for mental health care will be greater among adolescents in T2C vs adolescents referred during TAU.


Depression Suicidal Ideation T2C

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