US Clinical Trial NCT03981965

Impact of FOCUS Guidelines on Adherence to Physical Activity in Ageing Women.  Jun 7, 2019

The objectives of the study consisted of assessing i) whether the use of the Guidelines derived from the European project FOCUS had an effect on the adherence to a physical activity (PA) program (primary objective), and ii) the effect of the program, which included 2 h/week of PA, on a group of dimensions related with general health, frailty, psycho-cognitive parameters, and quality of life (QoL) (secondary objectives).

The study comprised 24 weeks in which a group of 90 postmenopausal women were randomised to three arms, two in which participants were performing PA, and one control (no intervention).

The first PA group followed the FOCUS guidelines, in which women received monthly health talks and had an internet mailbox to facilitate contact with health professionals.

The PA program consisted of a twice per week 1-hour session along 24 weeks. This period was divided into two parts, a first supervised phase in which women followed group sessions under direct supervision of a monitor, and a second period in which the groups of women followed the same exercise pattern, but autonomously. A mobile phone support system (social network whatsapp) was used for inter-connection and mutual support during the autonomous period. Assessments were performed at baseline and then at 12 weeks and 24 weeks, representing the completion of the supervised and the autonomous periods, respectively.


Adherence, Patient Cognition Cognitive Decline Frail Elderly Syndrome Frailty Mood Quality of Life Quality of life Social Interaction Socialisation adherence physical activity

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