US Clinical Trial NCT03981380

11C-PIB PET Study in the Multi Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis at Columbia University  Jun 7, 2019

This is a single center PET study of 11C-PIB. Eligible participants are current participants in the MESA study in New York City, without contraindications to MRI or PET procedures. Those eligible will have one brain PET scan with 11C-PIB within 12 months of a brain MRI. Vital signs will be checked prior to injection of 11C-PIB, 10 minutes after the injection, and again at the completion of the PET scan. The primary outcome measure for amyloid will be whole brain 11C-PIB SUVR. The relation between exposure groups and amyloid in the brain will be analyzed using linear regression.


11C-PiB Alzheimer Disease Atherosclerosis Cognitive Impairment Vascular Diseases

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