US Clinical Trial NCT03961308

A Phase 1, Open-Label, Randomized, Parallel Group Study to Compare the Pharmacokinetics of Single Subcutaneous Injections of Vedolizumab Administered in Prefilled Syringe Versus Prefilled Syringe in Autoinjector in Healthy Subjects  May 22, 2019

The drug being tested in this study is called vedolizumab SC. The study will compare the PK of a vedolizumab SC in a PFS to an investigational device.

This study will include 2 different device delivery presentations in 2 treatment groups. Participants in each treatment group will be randomized to one of the three administration sites: Abdomen, thigh, or arm. The study will enroll approximately 102 participants per group (a total of 204 participants), including 34 participants allocated to each administration site within each treatment group. Participants will be randomly assigned (by chance, like flipping a coin) to one of the two treatment groups:

- Group A: Vedolizumab SC PFS

- Group B: Vedolizumab SC Investigational Device

All participants will receive a single dose of study drug on Day 1.

This single center trial will be conducted in the United States. The overall time to participate in this study is approximately 196 days. Participants will be contacted by telephone on Day 168 after their last dose of study drug for a follow-up assessment which will involve the progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) questionnaire survey.


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