US Clinical Trial NCT03951792

Time Longitudinal Study of the Microbiome in Colorectal Cancer Subjects  May 14, 2019

The purpose of this research is to learn about how the gastrointestinal bacteria (microbiome) can contribute to colon cancer, and how it may change due to colon cancer. In addition, we are going to study the features of the microbiome that can help predict recovery after colon resection. To do this, we are going to compare the microbiome from subjects with colon cancer to subjects without colon cancer.

Study participation involves collection of stool samples before and after your surgery, as well as samples of residual (left-over) colon tissue from your surgery. We would also like to collect optional samples from your follow-up colonoscopy. You may be in the study for up to 5 years.


Cancer Colon Gastrointestinal Disease

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