US Clinical Trial NCT03951090

Geriatric Assessment Reporting in Real Time (GARRT) in Non-electively Hospitalized Older Cancer Patients  May 13, 2019

This study evaluates the impact of geriatric assessment reporting in real-time (GARRT) on key hospital based outcomes in non-electively hospitalized older (> 70 years) adults with cancer. Participants will be randomly assigned to the GARRT group, or the control group. All participants will fill out user friendly questionnaire called the geriatric assessment. The results of the geriatric assessment will be given to the physicians of participants in the GARRT group in real-time. The physicians of participants in the control group will not receive real time results.

This study will compare the referral rates of participants in each group to determine if providing real-time results of the geriatric assessment impact referral rates.



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