EU Clinical Trial 2018-003958-25

Screening for cancer with PET / CT in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolic disease with a high risk of developing cancer. Open randomized clinical trial.  May 22, 2019

Main objective of the trial: Estimate the impact of an active cancer search strategy using PET-CT in the number of neoplasms diagnosed in the screening process in patients with high-risk unprovoked thromboembolic disease. Estimar el impacto de una estrategia de búsqueda activa de cáncer mediante PET-TAC en el número de neoplasias diagnosticadas en el proceso de cribado en pacientes con enfermedad tromboembólica no provocada de alto riesgo.


FLUDEOXYGLUCOSE (18F) Fludesoxiglucosa (18F) Fludesoxiglucosa (18F)- IBA

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