EU Clinical Trial 2017-001249-28

Phase III, Single-blinded, placebo-Controlled and randomized Clinical Trial with minimal intervention on the Treatment with Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) of Work-site Acute Epicondylitis Resistant to Conservative Treatment  May 21, 2019

Main objective of the trial: Primary Objective: To determine whether using autologous conditioned platelet-rich plasma with growth factor is more efficacious than betametasone or physiologic serum infiltration in patients refractory o conservative treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs and rehabilitation. Objetivo primario: Determinar si el uso terapéutico de las infiltraciones con PRGF es mejor que la infiltración con betametasona o suero fisiológico en los casos refractarios al tratamiento con fármacos antiinflamatorios y rehabilitación.


Celestone Cronodose Corticoides Epicondylitis MEPIVACAINE MUTUA UNIVERSAL (MUGENAT) Mepivacaine PRGF-ENDORET PRP

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