Copyright Notice

Last modified: Aug 17, 2017

This Copyright Notice informs you of the underlying claim to copyright ownership in Ironsift and the websites, products, services, features, content, or applications we offer (collectively the "Services"). The Services are provided by Thunken, Inc. ("Thunken", "we", "our", or "us"). Except where explicitly stated, Thunken withholds all rights to the maximum extent allowable under the law.

Most of the data available when using the Services consists of derivative works based predominantly on uncopyrighted works or works owned by entities other than Thunken. Thunken does not claim copyright ownership of such materials. In order to explicitly identify the parts of the Services in which copyright is not claimed, such parts are marked with the data-no-copyright-claim attribute in the HTML markup of the pages.

Except in listings (such as pages displaying multiple search engine results), appropriate acknowledgement of the sources is given, including, when applicable, hyperlinks to the original records in the sources.

The names of products, apparatus, processes, and/or organizations mentioned in the Services are copyright property and/or trademarks of their respective owners.